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High Water Showcase @ A3C Hip-Hop Festival (Saturday, Oct 9 / 5:00pm)

Posted by Mike Walbert on Sep 28

Topics: Featured, a3c, News, p.so, Showcase, willie evens jr, A3C Update, socio smash, high water, senor kaos

A3C Presents: Camp Lo, Rhymefest, Collective Efforts, Senor Kaos... (Saturday, Oct 9th)

Posted by Mike Walbert on Sep 27

Topics: Rhymefest, Camp Lo, News, A3C Hip Hop Festival, 2010, senor kaos

Señor Kaos Talks About His New Album - The Kaos Effect (Dollar Van Demos "Seen" Interview)

Posted by Andy Pitre on Aug 3

Topics: News, High Water Music, senor kaos, Dollar Van

Free Tickets: Diamond D and Collective Efforts 7.23 @ Apache Cafe

Posted by Andy Pitre on Jul 13

Topics: News, Giveaways, collective efforts, the 5ive, stanza, senor kaos, Dillon, Diamond D

Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun - Coming Tuesday 06.01.10

Posted by Brian Knott on May 30

Topics: Hip Hop, highwater music, new releases, News, A3C 2009, Homeboy Sandman, A3C Alum, The Good Sun, senor kaos

New Music from Señor Kaos

Posted by LuisReyes on May 26

Topics: News, The Kaos Effect, De La Soul, senor kaos, Don Cannon

Señor Kaos - Soliloquy of Kaos (Rest In Peace Guru)

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 21

Topics: News, Gang Starr, senor kaos

GZA Show Footage from the Masquerade in Atlanta (via Ghostcam7 & Señor Kaos)

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 19

Topics: News, Ghostcam7, Gza, senor kaos, Masquerade

Señor Kaos - Spring Cleaning: Thursday April 8 @ 529

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 6

Topics: Tommy Lee Soul, Boog Brown, News, Clan Destined, senor kaos, Dillon

10 Years of Beatz and Lyrics in Atlanta

Posted by Andy Pitre on Dec 8

Topics: Featured, JAYFORCE, J-Live, Shakim, Homboy Sandman, Hip Hop, Tru Skool, a3c, News, DJ Presyce, Giveaways, mixtape, Headline News, Fresh Daily, El Da Sensei, mojo swagger, senor kaos, AJ, Tahir, Free Download, Beatz and Lyrics

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