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Señor Kaos - Soliloquy of Kaos (Rest In Peace Guru)

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 21

Our good friend Señor Kaos sent this track over today. It's his rendition of Gang Starr's "Soliloquy of Kaos" from a project he did in 2008 called Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything. As Kaos said in his email, "I'm a firm believer in honoring your heroes while their still here."

The video below is of Kaos performing the track live. I thought the part half way through when the fans start yelling "Guru" was a nice way to symbolize ATL showing respect to one of the greatest MCs who ever lived. Rest In Peace Guru.

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: News, Gang Starr, senor kaos

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