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Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun - Coming Tuesday 06.01.10

Posted by Brian Knott on May 30


As one of the people that helps pick the artists that hit the stage at A3C each year I get a lot of music sent to my e-mail box, snail mail box, handed to me on the street, ect. I am truly blessed to have artists think enough of our event that they keep me covered up in the new new stuff. I have to confess that I am currently still digging through records people handed me in person in Austin during SXSW.

That being said today I got a quick e-mail from A3C 2009 vet and all around good dude Homeboy Sandman with a link to download a copy of The Good Sun which comes out this Tuesday from Highwater Music. I am not a record reviewer so I will leave it up to the dudes that do that to give you a track by track play by play of the album. What I will tell you is that I got the e-mail, downloaded the album, listened to it IMMEDIATELY, and then burned a copy to take in the car with me tomorrow as I roll around and enjoy this holiday weekend. I have been a fan of Sandman since ATL know everything man Senor Kaos turned me on to him last spring and Homeboy Sandman has been a regular feature in my rotation since he handed me a copy of Actual Factual Pterodactyl at A3C last year.

I will spare y'all a reviewer type language but I will say that Homeboy Sandman embodies to me everything that is "right" about hip hop today. The density of his music keeps me finding new things to love about each track with every listen. If you are are a true school head (and let's face it, if you're on this site reading you are) do yourself a favor and cop the record on Tuesday. If you are already a fan it will strengthen what you already know and if this is your first taste then it will flip you over to fandom by the time you're through Track 3.

Now I am going to get back to work and unfortunately for everyone else on the record pile I am about to listen to the record again... and then maybe again after that.

Brian Knott

Written by Brian Knott

Topics: Hip Hop, highwater music, new releases, News, A3C 2009, Homeboy Sandman, A3C Alum, The Good Sun, senor kaos

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