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Dillon & Boog Brown are Martha Knuckles

Posted by The Blog Team on Aug 28

Topics: Boog Brown, News, crowdsourcing, ep, Vinyl, A3C 2012, Atlanta Hip Hop, IndieGoGo, Dillon

A3C Presents: Jacksonville's Best Showcase @ Jakprints Stage (Saturday, Oct 9th / 3:30pm)

Posted by Mike Walbert on Sep 28

Topics: Featured, a3c, Dope Sandwich, News, Bat Sauce and Dasey, Mr. Al Pete, Showcase, Payton Locke, jacksonville, A3C Update, Dillon

Free Tickets: Little Brother In Atlanta @ The Loft on Aug 14

Posted by Andy Pitre on Aug 1

Topics: Featured, News, Little Brother, Giveaways, Binkis Recs, Floyd the Locsmif, 4-IZE, Dillon

Free Tickets: Diamond D and Collective Efforts 7.23 @ Apache Cafe

Posted by Andy Pitre on Jul 13

Topics: News, Giveaways, collective efforts, the 5ive, stanza, senor kaos, Dillon, Diamond D

Señor Kaos - Spring Cleaning: Thursday April 8 @ 529

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 6

Topics: Tommy Lee Soul, Boog Brown, News, Clan Destined, senor kaos, Dillon

Dillon & Paten Locke "Studies in Hunger" Release Party

Posted by Andy Pitre on Nov 28

Topics: Featured, Uncle Herm, Boog Brown, News, Studies in Hunger, Release Party, Paten Locke, 529, Willie Evans Jr, Stacy Epps, Supa Dave West, senor kaos, Dillon

Dilla Day in the A - Saturday, 10/24

Posted by Andy Pitre on Oct 23

Topics: Featured, Uncle Herm, Ma Dukes, News, Rita J, Giveaways, Headline News, Dilla Day, Lupus Research, Dillon, Walk, Illa J, Jay Dee

A3C 2009 Pictures

Posted by Andy Pitre on Oct 7

Topics: J-Live, people under the stairs, Therapy, News, A3C 2009, Kaos, Rita J, Black Sheep, Ken Starr, killer mike, Photos, skyzoo, Fresh Daily, Daisey, Yelawolf, Pictures, Kezekiah, Black Moon, rakim, Buckshot, Lady Daisey, Dillon, Atlanta, PUTS, Spree Wilson

Jacksonville / Savannah Showcase

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 24

Topics: DJ valis, News, Tough Junkie, Triclops, DJ Life, Paten Locke, Mr. Al Pete, Willie Evans Jr, Batsauce, Lady Daisey, Dillon, Union of Sacred Monsters, Dillion

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