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A3C Alumni: Lyric Jones

Posted by Obese on Feb 28

Topics: Featured, News, Lyric Jones

Lyric Jones - Reason's Why feat. Phene (Video)

Posted by Obese on Feb 3

Topics: News, Lyric Jones, Phene

BIG REC & Lyric Jones - "Conquer All"- A3C Special Release Mixtape

Posted by Lucien Wall on Oct 8

Topics: News, big rec, A3C Alum, Lyric Jones

Lyric Jones Feat. Esperanza Spalding - Loss On Repeat

Posted by LuisReyes on Jan 4

Topics: News, Esperanza Spalding, Raydar Ellis, Lyric Jones, Loss on repeat

New Señor Kaos album - 'The Kaos Effect' Nov. 11th, 2011

Posted by LuisReyes on Nov 3

Topics: J-Live, Illastrate, News, ekundayo, Ozy Reigns, Fresh Daily, Binkis Recs, Lyric Jones, DJ Dainja, senor kaos, Fort Knox

Lyric Jones - "Trapped in the City Lights" (video)

Posted by LuisReyes on Aug 31

Topics: Illastrate, Mr. Fish, Boog Brown, News, Trapped In the City Lights, C.Diction, Big Rec & Shred The Verbal Tongue, Lyric Jones

An Evening with Vikter Duplaix, Lonz Cook & Fundraiser for The Stewart Foundation

Posted by LuisReyes on Jun 2

Topics: Bone', Lonz Cook, News, Vikter Duplaix, Youth Poets, Lyric Jones, Elizabeth Margo, Tamika Mignon

Lyric Jones' Birthday Celebration

Posted by LuisReyes on May 24

Topics: a3c, News, Lyric Jones, Double Take

Lyric Jones opening for Trey Songz- Athens, GA- 4/29

Posted by RebekahBaldwin on Apr 20

Topics: News, trey songz, Lyric Jones, university of georgia

Afternoon Delight @ 529

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 26

Topics: Afternoon Delight, News, Psyche Origami, Exile, Tom P, The Canz, Mars Ill, Melaphyre & Leo Goetz, Small Eyez, Lyric Jones, Future Shock, 529, MindsOne, Hosted by Haziq

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