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Afternoon Delight @ 529

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 26

Just a reminder, the A3C doesn't stop just because the sun's out. This is an all-day thing baby.

Saturday, October 3rd see come enjoy some Afternoon Delight with Psyche Origami, Mars Ill, Melaphyre & Leo Goetz, MindsOne, Future Shock, Tom P, The Canz, Exile, Small Eyez, Lyric Jones, Hosted by Haziq

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Afternoon Delight, News, Psyche Origami, Exile, Tom P, The Canz, Mars Ill, Melaphyre & Leo Goetz, Small Eyez, Lyric Jones, Future Shock, 529, MindsOne, Hosted by Haziq

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