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Lyric Jones - "Trapped in the City Lights" (video)

Posted by LuisReyes on Aug 31

Atlanta, GA - In motion, ready to release her first studio album, Lyric Jones blesses us with her first video installment to Jones St. Around various locations in Atlanta, Lyric shows us a little of her day-to-day life and also a taste of her lively stage performance. Also, check out a cameos from Boog Brown, Illastrate, C.Diction, Big Rec & Shred The Verbal Tongue.

Trapped In the City Lights is produced by Mr. Fish and is the leading single to Jones St., due out September 23rd.



Written by LuisReyes

Topics: Illastrate, Mr. Fish, Boog Brown, News, Trapped In the City Lights, C.Diction, Big Rec & Shred The Verbal Tongue, Lyric Jones

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