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Georgia Tech & Young Guru Present: The Sound Of Atlanta Project @ 2014 A3C Festival

Posted by Mike Walbert on Jul 15

Topics: Featured, a3c, News, A3C News & Updates, Young Guru, KY Engineerin, georgia tech, Education, pro-audio, festival, The Atlanta Sound Project, Atlanta

9th Wonder & Young Guru on Meeting Each Other, Drake Vs. Kendrick & More (Video)

Posted by Sermon on Oct 17

Topics: News, Young Guru, 9th wonder

[Recap Video] A3C & Okayplayer Present: The Best Block Party Ever

Posted by Mike Walbert on Oct 16

Topics: a3c, questlove, News, Young Guru, okp, DJ Premier, DJ Maseo (of De La Soul), okayplayer, DJ Scratch, A3C Update, festival

?uestlove, DJ Premier, Young Guru, DJ Maseo, DJ Scratch & Diamond D Rock The Best Block Party Ever on October 6th

Posted by Obese on Sep 29

Topics: Featured, News, DJ Maseo, A3C News & Updates, Young Guru, DJ Premier, The Best Block Party Ever, DJ Scratch, Diamond D

Young Guru Interview with DJBoothTV (Video)

Posted by Erin on Apr 24

Topics: News, DJBoothTV, Young Guru

Young Guru Speaks On Piracy, Invention and Sampling (Video)

Posted by Obese on Jan 16

Topics: News, Young Guru

Run That Back Engineering Panel Presented By The SAE Institute Atlanta

Posted by TDubATL on Nov 20

Topics: Featured, fokis, News, SAE, panels, Young Guru, Engineering, Graham Marsh, Miles Walker, RENEGADE EL REY, Run That Back, Matt Hayes, The Professor, Wise

Video: Young Guru - The Professor

Posted by The Blog Team on Sep 4

Topics: Hip Hop, Jay Z, DJ Young Guru, DJ, News, South Africa, Def Jam Recordings, Cape Town South Africa, NYC, engineer, SAE, Young Guru, Africa, Def Jam Records, Roc-A-Fella, Producer, Cape Town

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