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"Cant Live Without My Radio" Art Show

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 26


The "Cant Live Without My Radio" Art Show is an annual show put on by MadClout with an emphasis on The Boom Box which was a vital part of early Hip Hop Culture. It wasn't uncommon for inner city youth to have a moniker, handle, etc. and it was less uncommon for HipHop practitioners to lace their boomboxes with art!

Some of the Featured Artists who have contributed Boom Boxes: Save UCA, Teach TM7, Smash (N), Dr.Daks MTK, Keet D' Arms Liberty Tattoo, Faves WH, Michi, Webone TC-5, Dizo FS, Siner DME, Stak TFP, Jona Cerwinske, PreOne (N), Harsh D-30, Dubelyoo,Yen34HM, Hear MSP, Skupe3 DTT, Ser2 KAOS INC, Viels, Echoe, Axeone TM.

Along with the custom painted pieces we will be exhibiting classic vintage Boom Boxes along with other 80's electronics.

The event will take place across all three days of the A3C, and will be held at 482 A Flat Shoals Ave.

Read more about MadClout at: www.madclout.com

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Smash (N), News, Art show, Faves WH, Siner DME, Madclout, Dr.Daks MTK, Axeone TM., Echoe, Jona Cerwinske, Yen34HM, Viels, Dubelyoo, Webone TC-5, Harsh D-30, Ser2 KAOS INC, Teach TM7, Stak TFP, Michi, Can't live without My Radio, Keet D' Arms Liberty Tattoo, Dizo FS, PreOne (N), Save UCA, Hear MSP, Skupe3 DTT

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