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Recent SonicBids Winner Nufeel Speaks with A3C on his new Single, "Love Jones"

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Jul 29

SonicBids winner and Jersey City’s native, Nufeel kicks it with Safari and talks about what’s poppin with the Nufeel music movement.

Safari Jeffries: Homie, how would you describe the content you put out?

Nufeel: Real. Just something people can relate to but something that also comes with dope beats and flows that won’t put you to sleep

(Courtesy of NufeelOfficial & Youtube)

Safari: Where are you from? How did it influence your musical style?

Nufeel: New Jerusalem aka New Jersey. I live in Jersey City and was heavily influenced by the bad boy era in the 90’s with BIG, Mase, Puff, the lox, etc.

Safari: If you were stranded in the desert and there were 3 items that you could have, what would they be and how would they be used?

Nufeel: Water so I can survive longer (laughs). A tent to avoid the extreme heat/sun and cold at night. And a satellite phone to get the f*ck outta there.

Safari: Tell us about the Love Jones single. Where did the concept come about?

Nufeel: Love Jones came about very organically. I had the beat and loved it so I quickly wrote 3 verses to it. I couldn’t come up with a hook for it so I started playing with some samples and ran across the Dave Chappelle clip and started laughing. A light bulb went off so I chopped the clip and added it to the beat. The love Jones aspect came from a bar I spit in my verse and I just ran with it since it fit.

Safari: Why is A3C Important to you and Important to the Culture?

Nufeel: A3C is important to me because it’s one of the biggest venues I have graced so far. It’s important to the culture because any festival that embraces and spreads hip hop on a grand scale is crucial. Music gives life to people.

Safari: What should we expect from you at the 2014 A3C Festival?

Nufeel: Energy man. I’m so excited to be out there with artist like Black Thought! Just a dope performance showcasing the instrumentals I produce with all the drum breaks & good vibes.

Safari: Since A3C, how has your Career been affected? What Milestones have you achieved?

Nufeel: Since A3C I was also booked for another festival in Boston and have signed with a booking agency called Trapped in Berlin for European shows.

Safari: Where do you see the Hip Hop Culture in the next 5 years?

Nufeel: I see it continuing to grow & change and we as artist and fans should embrace that. Anything that doesn’t change dies.

Safari: What up-coming projects are on the horizon?

Nufeel: I am currently finishing up the follow up project to my Year Of Potential EP. It will be a 10 track album that is completely different than anything that is out.

(Courtesy of NufeelOfficial & Youtube)

Safari: If the fans want to connect with you, how can they reach out?

Nufeel: On my twitter @NufeelOfficial & also on my website www.brandnufeel.com


(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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