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The Circuit Tour [New Orleans, LA] Winner: Lyriqs Da Lyraciss

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Jul 1

From the flavor of jambalaya gumbo to the style and piazza of Mardi Gras, New Orleans has proven to be a melting pot of eclectic taste and culture. This formula has definitely spilled over into the ever so popular, thriving Hip Hop scene. The constant mixture of variety can be heard from Icons like Master P, to Cash Money to Lil Wayne to even more recently, our A3C New Orleans Circuit Tour winner, Lyriqs Da Lyraciss. The crafty, rhyme wordsmith took a couple minutes to kick it with A3C and give us the scoop on his movement Underdogcentral, and his two musical debuts D.A.I.Y.L.F and Nobody’s Monologues 2.


For the Full Audio Interview Session with Lyriqs Da Lyraciss:

Safari Jeffries: Lyriqs what is poppin with you?

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Doing pretty good at the moment, just kind of hanging out. Took the whole month of June off to sit back and plan. You know, working on some tours at the moment, just working on some new content.

(Courtesy of Lyriqs Da Lyraciss, Underdogcentral & Youtube)

Safari Jeffries: So now the whole Underdogcentral movement, tell me a little about that.

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Well Underdogcentral it’s not really like a record label. I have artist under me that I work with, but it’s not a record label, it’s not necessarily a conglomerate of any sort it’s really a mantra that I live by and what It stands for. Underdogcentral is the place where the overlooked go to hone their skills just to come back to be admired. Pretty Much it explains my career in this industry. I was a guy that when my music came out a lot of people really did not respect it because I was on something a little different, from the way I dressed to the music that I made, to the people that I listened to. After about 3 ½, four years of grinding and putting in some work, in my 5th year of doing it I think I have gotten to the point where people respect what I do.

(Courtesy of Lyriqs Da Lyraciss, Underdogcentral, ReelSpotTV & Youtube)

Safari Jeffries: Tell me a little bit about your music selection. I notice in a lot of your videos you choose a lot of older songs when you do freestyles for mixtapes and things of that nature. Where do you get your range of musical taste from?

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Ahhh, that’s a little hard. It’s very, very regular for someone to say that I listen to everything, so I will just say that my music is vast.

Safari Jeffries: Now ok, from the looks of things, you appear to be a pretty young guy…

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Yeah, 22..

Safari Jeffries: 22, so David Bowie, his hay day was like in the 80’s

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Yeah…

Safari Jeffries: You weren’t even around back then…

Lyriqs Da Lyraciss: Oh wow, I wasn’t even a thought… (Laughs)

(Courtesy of Lyriqs Da Lyraciss, Underdogcentral & Youtube)

(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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