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The Official SXSW Mixtape

Posted by LuisReyes on Jun 1



UniqueSquared.com, in partnership with Quality Control Marketing is pleased to announce The Official SXSW Mixtape. The project, which is now available for download on the Mobile Studio Bandcamp, boasts a who’s who of several of the most notable emcees that were in Austin this past March for the 25th anniversary of SXSW. Every song was recorded over original production on board the Unique Squared Mobile Studio; a state of the art recording studio contained within a massive 45’ tour bus.

Acclaimed industry engineer Fokis handled the mixing and engineering duties for the project. Tracks were blended and arranged by DJ Presyce (three time Scribble Jam DJ Battle Champion). Featured artists appearing on the mix include Tanya Morgan, Skewby, Khaleel, Artifacts and J-Live among several others. Contributing producers include Seattle’s heavyweight beatsmith Jake One, Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan), Crazy DJ Bazarro (of Da Beatminerz) in addition to noteworthy up and comers such as Apollo Brown, IMakeMadBeats, Dynamite Brothers, D.R.U.G.S. and female producer Kels of TN2 Productions.

Throughout the festivities, The Mobile Studio was a focal point for artists to convene as a creative outlet to record music in between their incessant schedule of performing from one venue to another. Artists had the luxury of taking full advantage of the very latest in recording equipment and technology that was provided by the Mobile Studio’s equipment sponsors whom include AVID (creator of Pro Tools), Presonus, Numark, Alesis, Akai, Monster, Shure, Auralex, and Mackie. The Mobile Studio’s layout includes a separate control room, vocal booth, tracking area and a lounge that doubles as a press room, the latter of which served as the perfect environment for artists to pen their rhymes before they stepped into the booth to record.

Unique Squared has lived up to its brand identity by hosting an environment for artists to harness both their creativity and uniqueness. To witness the song making process aboard the Mobile Studio whereby artists selecting tracks and both wrote and recorded quality music within such a short period of time was in the very least a site to be seen. To say this was a Herculean task on everyone’s part is an understatement.

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On a personal note, I was fortunate enough to witness many of these recordings while at SXSW. The artists involved in this project are nothing short of true professionals and troopers. A big shout to the crew the Mobile Studio.


Written by LuisReyes

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