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A3C Cosigned Digital Record Pools and Industry Resources

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Jul 16

Along with the digital age and the MP3 came a decrease in the need for actual records. Long gone are the days of the DJ traveling to the record shop and searching crate after crate for exclusive records and white labels to play and ahead of the curb before all the other DJs. The new age of pushing music to the DJs and Mixers has come to the forefront in the last 7 to 10 years. So In no particular order, here is a resourceful, solid list of A3C worthy record pools and mp3 distributors that can definitely get you in the game if you are an artist or a master party rocker looking to break some new music.

1. Digiwaxx Digiwaxx.com

Digiwaxx is one of the simplest platforms to navigate for DJs to download music. This site is an excellent resource and starting point for Artist looking to get some shine and DJs looking to get some the latest radio hits.

PROS: Digiwaxx has an online rating system where DJs must rate some of the music before downloading it.


2. TJDJs IG: TJsDJs/TJ Chapman

The legend record pool guru, now superstar manager, TJ Chapman started this pool in Florida and every since its inception, it has been vital to the music industry. To this day TJsDJs is a staple in the music industry and continuous to break artist and bring them to the spotlight.

PROS: Artist can get great insight on what it takes to break in and stay in the mainstream.


3. ATLTOP20 ATLTOP20.com

Emerging on the scene around 2008, The ATLTOP20 record pool has proven to be a great distribution outlet for commercial and underground DJs to get great new music first. A lot of really good records often come out in their bi-monthly updates. Again, I cannot stress how this records pool has the scoop on hit records well before they break.

PROS: They do an extensive list of clean, dirty and instrumentals for the DJs.

4. Greenhitz Greenhitz.com

Greenhitz music pool is one of the most excellent sources for exclusive music that will possibly impact radio relatively soon. Atlanta based DJ Platinum G spawned the idea sometime ago and now it has blossomed into a full-fledged community where Artist, DJs and producers can network.

PROS: The online community is social media integrated and is very good for connecting directly with people of influence in the game.


5. MP3Waxx MP3Waxx.com

The online music monster known as MP3Waxx is a very resourceful avenue. Not only can you break your music, but you can market and promote any project you have going on with their highly creative and very HTML laced, email blast.

PROS: Will give you the look of a “major artist” even if you do not have the “major artist” budget


6. Craig Martin/SouthCoast Marketing Group southcoastmarketing.com

This is one of the best music promotion companies in the Southeast. Arnold Taylor and Craig Martin are staples in the game. Moreover, their record servicing is no different. This One of the more exclusive pools to gain access to, but it is definitely worth it.

PROS: If you want direct access to radio, record executive’s ears and club DJs, this is a good source to have.

7. The Blast/ Grand Imperial Record Pool TheBlastBlog.com

Industry vet, producer and homie, J Coleman created The Blast some years ago and ever since, it has provided a direct avenue to a wealth of industry DJs. More recently, over the years The Blast has added on a number of services in addition to the record pool.

PROS: The quality and value of The Blast bi-monthly email as well as the personal touch, is well worth the money you will spend.


8. Coalition DJs Coalitiondjsatl.com

This international DJ collective has made a solid name on the music scene when it comes to breaking records. If you want to be certified in the streets, reach out to superstar-veteran DJ, BigX and the Coalition Djs. Specifically, you can find a lot of their Djs gigin in the Strip clubs, which, by the way, is an excellent source of breaking records in the streets… #salute #rip to dj nando too

PROS: If you want the streets and the support of the streets, this is the route to go.

9. Core DJs/Core Retreat/Tony Neal Coredjs.com

Ok you get a pass if you have been under a rock for the past 20 years and have never heard of the Core DJs/Core Retreat. Tony Neal and the Core Retreat have consistently put it down when it comes to giving artist an avenue to break their music. Not only do they have some of the most influential record breakers in the game, but the actual conferences are very informative.

PROS: DJs get sooo much love at the conference. Also, the conferences are a breeding ground for great networking to get to other avenues.

http://youtu.be/mtH40C9xT3E (Courtesy of DJ Heat, Core DJs & Youtube)


10. Coast2Coast DJs Coast2Coastmixtapes.com

The Coast2Coast crew has proven that they will be a staple for years to come. The online portal is host to many major DJs in the crew, as well as a plethora of other resources for the Artist. If the need is mixtape distribution, graphic design or just any kind of promo, they have it.

PROS: Coast2Coast is heavy in the mixtape game and is becoming a large player in the music industry conference game as well.

http://youtu.be/4mL5LqI2qt8 (Courtesy of Coast2Coast Mixtapes, Youtube)

(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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