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A3C Circuit Tour [San Francisco, Cali] Winners: DLRN

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Aug 4

The Westcoast is a breeding ground for dope Hip Hop talent these days. The producer/rapper collective and The Circuit San Francisco winners, DLRN took a couple of minutes to share what’s next on the radar.


Safari Jeffries: How would DLRN describe it's content?

Sean (the emcee): I’d call it “working man’s blues” on a bed of ethereal hip hop beats. We make music that hopefully changes the mood in any room we step it. It’s made to make you feel some type of way.

Jon (the producer): Immersive. Our goal with the music is to bring you in this world we’ve created through the narrative and the music.

Safari: Where are you from? How did it influence your musical style?

Jon: Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Now residing in San Francisco.

Sean: I was born in the bay. My momma is from San Francisco. I grew up in Sacramento. It’s my hometown. Out here the music is very eclectic. From Death Grips and Trash Talk, to Lee Bannon and Sister Crayon…or even Brotha Lynch or Blackalicious there is so much diversity in the sound that we try to bring that when we create.

Safari: If you were stranded in the desert and there were 3 items that you could have, what would they be and how would they be used?

Sean: This is where Survival-mode kicks in. A zippo lighter because I wouldn’t know how else to start a fire. Some sort of transmitter, because I’m too busy to be deserted. (hahaha) And a lot of water, because dehydration would kill you quickest.

Jon: I think everything would have to be super functional too haha. Definitely a mask, keep the sand out. A tent and a flashlight. Sleep during the day and travel at night.

Safari: Tell us about the Neon Noir Album. Where did the concept come about?

Sean: In trying to describe our music “Neon Noir” was one of the only phrases that stuck. It’d be our genre if that makes sense. Dark, heavy bass. Light, airy synths. Dark, mysterious liquor. Lyrics, that give you the “light at the end of the tunnel”. But the duality between the light & dark, that conflict and battle is what we really like to examine.

Safari: Why is A3C Important to you and Important to the Culture?

Sean: It’s hip hop in “Black Hollywood” from Cali it feels like a right of passage to be able to go to Atlanta and make people feel you.

Jon: It’s important to have outlets, especially in hip hop, where industry experts can pass along their knowledge. The performances are cool but I think the educational aspect of A3C appeals to me the most.

Safari: What should we expect from you at the 2014 A3C Festival?

Sean: Everything.

Jon: Good music.

Safari: Since A3C, how has your Career been affected? What Milestones have you achieved?

Sean: Time will tell. We haven’t been yet.

Safari: Where do you see the Hip Hop Culture in the next 5 years?

Sean: Hopefully, its stronger than it is today. I want to see it offer more. I want it to be our “CNN” again.

Jon: I think the culture’s moving back toward making quality music. You have these 20th anniversary reissues coming out and folks are starting to understand what makes a classic album. With the internet leveling the playing field a bit, hip hop artists can make the music they want to make.

Safari: What up-coming projects are on the horizon?

Sean: Another installment of “Neon Noir” should be out before A3C and everything after that will get a little weirder.

Safari: If the fans want to connect with you, how can they reach out?

Sean: The innanet. We out here. www.DLRN.co Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, DLRNmusic


(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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