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A3C Check In with Blake Carrington

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Jun 20

Canada is known for brutally cold weather, but now is becoming more known for its viciously cold MCs like Kardinal Offical, Drake and as of more recent, Toronto born Blake Carrington. The SXSW and two-time A3C performer checked in with the crew to shed some light on his LA Leaker mixtape collabo “Dare to Dream” and what’s around the bend for the captivating rhyme superstar.

For the Full Audio Interview Session with Blake Carrington:

Safari Jeffries: What’s happenin homie? You Ready?

Blake Carrington: Let’s do it right now brother. Everything is going excellent right now. Everything is going excellent man. Just running a business at the end of the day and doing music at the same time so is it a lot of time, but I love both of the things.

Safari Jeffries: So let’s get right in to it then.

Blake Carrington: Let’s get right in to it. First of all thank you so much for this opportunity. I did not expect to get on you guys’ blog. You guys have shown me a lot of love, being a part of the festival for the last two years. Last year was my first year performing, but the year before, I just came down humble, did not know nobody, hosted one party, met Mike (Walbert) and he is a cool as dude, so thank you.

(Courtesy of Blake Carrington, Youtube & SXSW)

Safari Jeffries: I was definitely checking out some of your stuff Blake and of course I was able to catch you last year when you performed…

Blake Carrington: OHHH wow…

Safari Jeffries: You know you have a very crafty and unique rhyme style, very similar to Lupe Fiasco. Have you heard this comparison before?

Blake Carrington: Yep. He is a cool as dude. I like what I am hearing. What did you think of the performance?

Blake Carrington EPK - Oui Self Made *2013 Version* from OuiSelfMade on Vimeo.

(Courtesy of Blake Carrrington & Youtube)

Safari Jeffries: It was very exceptional. When I saw the video you sent me I put two and two together, I said “Hey I remember Blake Carrington now because I remember his performance.”

Blake Carrington: Oh wow, that’s really dope!

Safari Jeffries: So you were born and Canada, New York raised…

Blake Carrington: I was born in Toronto, Buffalo raised, back and forth my whole life. Basically when my mom could not handle me she would go send me to live with my father in Buffalo, New York. I was really a troubled kid growing up. My moms did the best she could, my stepdad did the best he could. Going to talk to my father, who was an aspiring rapper who got caught up in the drug game and then got addicted to drugs basically changed my life.

(Courtesy of Blake Carrington & Youtube)

Safari Jeffries: Now you have the LA Leakers Dare to Dream Mixtape and you also have a record called “Colour Her II” which is an amazing song by the way. What has kept you dreaming?

Blake Carrington: What has kept me dreaming is life, you know what I am saying. My situation about becoming an artist, and understanding the whole process of everything.

Safari Jeffries: What artist would you say influenced you the most?

Blake Carrington: GOD, my father and life, those are the artist that have influenced me the most.

(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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