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Atlanta Stargazing Tour- Show #3

Posted by RebekahBaldwin on Jul 29

The 3rd stop of the Atlanta Stargazing Tour is only 2 days away! SMKA continues to bring together some of the best local artists- this time with amost exclusively hip-hop acts- for only $5. With performances by Vonnegut, Stanza, Aleon Craft and Grip Plyaz you won't want to miss this one! Also performing are Sean Falyon, STS, Haziq Ali, Tom P, Alien Warr and Jarren Benton. In case you're not great at math, that's 10 SMKA approved artists for only 5 bucks.

Their last show drew over 400 people, and I'm interested to see if Vonnegut, who are featured on Big Boi's Sir Lucious Leftfoot, can draw an even bigger crowd. The Stargazing tour does face some stiff competition though, with a free B.o.B show at Center Stage & the ONEMusicfest (with headliners Common & De La Soul) at the King Plow Arts Center. But if you don't feel like dealing with the Myspace crowd at B.o.B and the $40 ticket to the ONEMusicfest is out of your price range, the Atlanta Stargazing Tour at Star Bar in Little 5 is without a doubt the place to be on Saturday night.

What: The Atlanta Stargazing Tour ft. Vonnegut, Aleon Craft, & Grip Plyaz
When: Saturday, July 31st @ 9 p.m.
Where: Star Bar- Little 5
Cost: $5 before 11 p.m.


Written by RebekahBaldwin

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