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A3C is going to Austin

Posted by Brian Knott on Mar 2


Up until moving the A3C from the Spring to the Fall in 2009 each year we were so up to our eyeballs in work that SXSW was little more than a blip on our radar to worry about. With the success of our move to October last year A3C is now firmly planted in it's new home (the EAV as well as the Fall) and we're taking advantage of the quiet to break out for a few weeks and head on over to Austin so we can hang out with some old friends and hopefully make some new ones so we can continue to bring the best of what hip hop has to offer back to Atlanta. We'll be highlighting A3C alum, friends and family that will be rocking in Texas later this month so keep an eye on the site for our take on SXSW.

Brian Knott

Written by Brian Knott

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