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Rocko will grace the #a3c2014

Posted by Safari Jeffries on Sep 9

Time and time again Rodney Hill Jr., bka Rocko da Don has blessed us with certified street classics. From his smash "Umma Do Me" to the certified bachelor anthem, "Goin Steady", Rocko continues to make hit after hit. The squares out your circle MC will bring his cleaver slang and crafty word play to the A3C stage this year.

The A1 Label honcho has made it clear that he can do more than make hits. For the past couple years the A1 imprint has reigned supreme on the charts, led by major rap superstar, Future. Some would bother to ask: "Why is there no label deal in place for Rocko the artist?" I am pretty sure that Rocko would say why have a deal when you are making money hand over fist and getting more radio rotation than some major label artist.

A throwback, but still gets love:


(Courtesy of Rocko, Plies, Germane Propane & Youtube)

Having Rocko in the lineup will give the A3C the rap-genre variety that fans like to see. He will add flare to the A3C mix. Moreover, his gift of gab will have fans head nodding to the bass-filled tracks. I know I will also be front row, screaming the lyrics to "Goin Steady" myself.

(Safari M. Jeffries is a contributing writer for the A3C. You can follow him for more stories @A3C or @safarimjeffries on Twitter.)

Safari Jeffries

Written by Safari Jeffries

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