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Proud to announce our #A3CProAudio MainStage Sponsor- RANE DJ

Posted by J-Hatch on Sep 12



Since the start of the A3C festival, RANE DJ has been a firm believer in engaging with our core demographic and educating attendees on the proper usage of their products as well as sound mixing overall. We are proud to have RANE DJ play an even larger role for our 10th year mark as our #PAEmainstage Presenting Sponsor at SAE. We have some great RANE DJ content going on throughout the Oct 9-11th #A3CProAudio weekend on the 2nd and 3rd floors of SAE, as well as walk up demos in the Scratch Academy Room on 2nd floor on the left as you walk towards the #PAEmainstage. For more info on RANE DJ products visit Rane.com and for scheduled RANE DJ content check out updates at A3CFestival.com/pro-audio


Written by J-Hatch

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