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My A3C: Scotty ATL (Interview)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Aug 8

Best Of: Scotty ATL

Wether or not Scotty ATL is chilling in his hometown of Atlanta or traveling on the Road 2 Spaghetti Junction one thing is certain, that man is always working. Scotty agreed to give us a few moments of his non existent free time to answer some of our questions about A3C Festival as a whole and let us in on some of the current moves he is making.

Last time we saw you was in October, how have you been and what has life been like since the festival?

Life has been good, since then I've been making a lot of moves. Dropped a new EP with Scion AV (Toyota), got a video on MTV Jams right "Pray Alone" ft Killer Mike & Trouble, and I went on tour earlier this year as well.

How many years have you been attending A3C?

This is my 3rd year performing at A3C and my 4th year attending, every year it gets bigger and better though.

What stage(s) were you on at A3C and how did it come about?

Last year I was on my boy Dj Burn One's stage, he's my producer so we definitely had to hook that up. I also was on the big homie Dante Ross' stage. He's an OG in the game and like a mentor to me so he reached and was like I'm doing a stage, I told him lets do it whatever you need I got you. I also rocked on Tree Sound's stage too, Mali and Groove are great people.

Do you notice the change in vibe in Atlanta during the week of A3C?

Yea its a different vibe. It's almost like how a small town gets ready to see their home team play a big game or something. You can feel the anticipation. Its like a family reunion too cause you get to see all your homies that you been grinding and coming up with from all over the country.

How has road life been treating you?

Road life is cool, I like traveling and being on the road. I can't stay in Atlanta and wait on my music to grow by throwing out records. I'm getting out here, meeting the people and building my fan base quicker by letting people become a fan from my live show. I feel like a fan off a live show is a fan forever.

How has life changed since the release of OTR2SJ?

Since #OTR2SJ things have been busy. I've done some dope interviews about the new EP with Scion AV including Sway in the Morning, Dj Greg Street, B High ATL (Hot 107.9), and a few others, and I recently had my video picked up by MTV Jams, "Pray Alone" ft Killer Mike & Trouble (Prod by Dj Burn One). Been getting a lot of love from some OG's in the city too that support the good music and tell me to keep going.

What can we look forward to with your upcoming release "Spaghetti Junction"?

You can look forward to quality, dope, honest music. It's probably one of my more personal releases yet. Sonically it's on another level with the production and the lyrics get more dope every song.

What is the meaning behind the very large chair that you are always photographed sitting in everywhere you go?

The chair to me is a throne. I'm one of the new kings rising in the game and I want people to see that visually. It also is represents me bringing back a feel that Atlanta had with artist like Outkast and Goodie Mob. The chair is down home, it's old school, and I feel like I'm bringing back music that people can feel again, not just rapping about what I got.

Who have you been in the studio with lately?

Cassius Jay, KE on the track, and of course Dj Burn One mainly for the most part. Been working with a few other artists here and there too Starlito, Johnny Cinco, Young Fresh, and a few others.

How was being on Sway in The Morning?

Sway was dope! I fux wit Sway, he's a real cool dude off the air. Anytime I met people that dont act Hollywood or funny style when the cameras go off in this industry, that's a plus to me. But Sway always gives me good advice, like a big brother or something. The interview was great too some folks called in with good feedback, I did a fye freestyle, and we chopped it up bout some real sh!t.

In your eyes what is the biggest accomplishment you have made since A3C?

Doing the EP with Scion AV (Toyota). Where I'm from artists dont always get those opportunities. Whenever I tell people I did an EP with them their face scrunches up and they're like "how you get that!?" (lol). This is the first time I've had anyone help me push a project, so to receive help from someone of their caliber is major.

Will you be attending A3C this year for our 10th anniversary in October?

I'm in there!

What is your advice for someone attending A3C for the first time this year?

Come see me perform (lol).

What would you say sets A3C apart from other festivals?

It's one of the biggest festivals for upcoming artists in the South in my opinion and it's still growing too. Five years from now its going to be crazy!

What does an event like A3C mean to an artist like yourself?

We grind all year long, and to me this is like the all star game. It's an opportunity to kick it with your fam that you've been grinding with and put on for your city at some large shows that people from all over the world have come to see. What's better than that?

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Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

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