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Eric Biddines Wins Final Slot Alongside The Lox On The Circuit Showcase

Posted by Tai Saint on Sep 18



After an extensive competition hosted at HipHopDX.com, South Florida's own Eric Biddines has locked in the final spot on The Circuit Showcase at this year's A3C Festival, where he will be performing alongside The Lox artists from across the country.

The competition started in August, when HipHopDX asked readers to choose between five artists to complete The Circuit lineup. The final match-up pitted Eric against Chicago native Mick Jenkins.

"I want to thank all of my fans who voted for me in this contest," says Eric of his win. "I was up against some strong competition, mostly all talented MC's from Chicago. Shout out to Chicago! Also shout out to HipHopDX and A3C and the Lox. Atlanta, here we go again! Planet Coffee Bean will be in the building for the 'Circuit Showcase' on October 9th! See you then"

In addition to Eric Biddines, The Circuit lineup features the winners of A3C's summer long Circuit Tour, which brought back winners from: Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, NYC, DMV, and San Francisco.

Peep the full line-up below.


Tai Saint

Written by Tai Saint

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