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A3C Interview: Shome (Sonicbids Winner)

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 14

A3C connects the Hip-Hop community like no other platform. Meet Sonicbid’s winner Shome, an artist from Charlotte by way of New Orleans, whose work ethic and independent grind have paved the road for him to Atlanta this year. His newest project “The Balancing Act” has opened the floodgates offering listeners the opportunity to sonically journey through time with him as he creates his lane in the culture with a perfect blend of lyricism and concepts. We caught up with Shome to discuss performing at the festival, his new record “Kill Bill,” and how life and Hip-Hop is truly a balancing act.

A3C: Congrats on being a Sonicbids winner. Describe your artistry for someone who is unfamiliar with you?

Shome: “Thanks I really appreciate it! Someone who likes to connect emotions, life happenings, and culture, all together with rhymes.”

A3C: What does A3C mean for an up and coming artists like yourself?

Shome: “It means a lot. Not just to me, but to the music game and more importantly, to the culture of Hip-Hop. It gives us a solid platform to connect and gain new ears.”

A3C: Is this your first year at the festival?

Shome: “I’ve attended the last 2 years, but this will be my first time showcasing my work.”

A3C: Break down the concept behind your new record "Kill Bill."

Shome: “I got connected with the homie Dillan Ponders up in Toronto and his homie Tay Lewis sent through a beat. We heard a gritty yet energetic track, so we just put it to work. Went up to a Toronto for NXNE and we laced the video with SwitchMedia.”


A3C: Walk us through "The Balancing Act." What was the major theme behind that project?

Shome: “Honestly, balance, just as life is. Different moods, different types of life events, makes you who you are. I tried giving the listener various emotions. Live one week, and you might have seven completely different days.”

A3C: What do you hope to accomplish at A3C this year?

Shome: To gain new ears through relateing to the fans, recognition, and respect. And most importantly, to just enjoy myself.”

A3C: What's next from Shome?

Shome: “An EP in the works that I'll be releasing prior to A3C. After that, more music and more content for people to connect and grow with me.”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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