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Yelawolf Unleashes "Let Me Out" At A3C (VIDEO)

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 14

Photo & Video by @PhenomBlak of Wheresmy40acres.com

Yelawolf hit the stage after Rittz last night and dropped two new songs for the crowd. He may have showed up late, but once he hit the stage all was forgiven. One of the new tracks is on the radio, Let Me Out, the other track couldn't quite be placed. If anyone knows the name of this song, please hit me up at info@wheresmy40acres.com.


UPDATE: Yelawolf fans have spoken. The Name of the song above is "Whistle Dixie" off the Psycho White EP from Yelawolf &Travis Barker. Thanks to everyone who emailed us!

Yelawolf - Let Me Out (Live)

The Blog Team

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