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The "World Famous" Canz

Mike Walbert
Posted by Mike Walbert on Sep 27

PERFORMING on Friday, Oct 8th on the DJBooth.net Showcase

Stepping in the soirée, Ziploc fresh, it’s the duo you know as The CanZ. Coming out of Atlanta, but far from just local, these jet setters have rocked stages from Accra to Amsterdam, London to Los Angeles. The energy and dynamic stage presence they bring to the game has made them a fan favorite at shows, and they bring the party with em where ever they go. That’s why The CanZ aren’t limited by labels. They can rock with Ricky Ross, get the crowd going for T.I. and Gucci Mane or spit lyrics before Talib Kweli. Their work in the booth is just as impressive. From their early grind, to their eventual breakthrough mixtape with the Aphilliates DJ Infamous “Welcome to the Troubleland”, and their smash collab with Mick Boogie “The Slow Rise”, and most recently "Life After Graduation" along side Terry Urban/DJ Booth their music speaks for itself. And it’s no wonder; the two brothers Mos Prominent and The Foster Child have a lot of material from their lives to draw upon for inspiration. Born in Ghana, even as young men, they knew music was their future. When they moved around, it was the passport they used to prove themselves in their environment. And while it wasn’t always an easy journey, the slow rise to the top can prove to be the lasting one. The quicker you go up, the quicker you come down. But The CanZ are built for the long haul. While the styles and languages might change, coast to coast, continent to continent, fresh is universal.

Mike Walbert

Written by Mike Walbert

Mike Walbert is the Executive Director of the A3C Festival & Conference. As as partner in the business Mike oversees various aspects of the business, including: Business Development, Sponsorship, Branding and Marketing. Mike officially joined A3C in 2009 as the Artist Director. Since 2010 Mike has managed the strategy and team that have grown A3C from a regional showcase to an internationally recognized institution in hip-hop culture.

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