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The Editor Magazine Confirmed Media Partner 2014

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Sep 19
We’re the Editor Ink (Inc.) and we’re here to deliver the city of Atlanta a new experience in digital discourse, as well as a new approach to networking and artistic exposure. Best of all, we bring you a hub of youthful urban academic thought . The purpose we serve is twofold: Created in 2011, The Editor Ink was meant to serve as an outlet providing dynamic literature for readers as well as source of education, sustenance, and security for those involved with the creation of the publications’ content while dually affording younger, economically disenfranchised writers and creatives both personal and professional development through our capacity as a nonprofit. To achieve this, The Editor Ink offers four distinct programs that contribute to the final products which are the blog; “TheEditorInk.com”, and print supplement “The Editor” magazine .

We thank you for your readership and involvement in helping us to create a new literary and digital revolution, and we hope you participate in the discussions and contribute your opinions. Enjoy!

The Blog Team

Written by The Blog Team

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