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The Circuit Tour [Dallas, TX] Winner: Anonymous

Posted by Jake Mayo on Jun 26

The 2014 A3C Circuit Tour is making it’s rounds throughout the country searching for the dopest up and coming MC’s to perform at this year’s festival. As the search stopped in Dallas, Anonymous took home the W. His rigid vocal patterns, record concepts, and propensity for an old-school vibe, were more than enough to earn him a spot this year in Atlanta. We got the chance to chop it up with Anonymous about the showcase, his newest project “Fuck Anonymous: Part II,” and his plans for flooding the streets of ATL in hopes of making Anonymous a name to remember.

A3C: Congrats on winning the Dallas leg of the A3C Circuit Tour. Describe the experience and talent in Dallas?

Anonymous: “It was a beautiful thing, tons of fans came out to show love and support the local indie scene. There were some pretty talented artists that performed on the AC3 circuit tour ticket. I feel honored to be chosen as the one who stood out among all the talented acts.”

A3C: For people who are unfamiliar with you, give a little background and when you got introduced to the game?

Anonymous: “I've been into music and entertainment all my life, but I'm on my 8th summer seriously pursuing a music career. I've spent a lot of my time in other areas of the music business though. I started with a clothing line called Six Figgaz, to engineering, ghostwriting, and also managing other artists, including road manager for a premier Dallas artist known as T.Cash. I've always understood my time would come to be patient. I was never too selfish to play my part in a movement. I'm now 100% focused on my music career and telling my story to the masses.”

A3C: What does winning a showcase like this mean to you as an up and coming artist?

Anonymous: “Progress. I’ve spent a lot of my time promoting and taking over the club scene with my label Swagghouse Muzik and although I enjoy it, I don’t really even make club music so It’s refreshing to finally be recognized and moving forward in a market more up my alley.”

A3C: As far as A3C is concerned, what are your main objectives this year in Atlanta?

Anonymous: “I’m focused on networking and flooding A3C with heavy promo. I want everybody that comes out to A3C to leave a fan of Anonymous.”

A3C: What's the Hip-Hop market like in Dallas as a whole?

Anonymous: “Rough. We are in the process of revamping the image of Dallas. When people think Dallas they think DANCE. It’s hard to find outlets to break any other type of music here. Promoters like Jesse Porter are making it possible for artists like myself to step to the forefront of the Dallas music scene. There is a lot of talent in the city, we just need to learn to compete with each other rather than against each other and we can dominate the game.”

A3C: You recently released "Fuck Anonymous: Part II." Breakdown the concepts behind that project.

Anonymous: “I've been around along time. A lot of people told me I was wasting my time and I would never make it. #Hatemail is me taking that negative energy and creating some positive, motivating music. I don’t mind being the oddball, sh*t i love it. You ain’t gotta’ fu*k wit me but you gotta’ rock wit my music. Fu*k the fame, it’s Anonymous fu*k my name.”

A3C: Your music has a current feel but old school melodic undertones. As an artist do you draw inspiration from older works?

Anonymous: “Indeed, I’m what you would call a Hip-Hop head. This new age music does nothing for me. I wanna bring that storytelling, enlightening, real music back. I think I’ll make a new genre called “New-Old School.”

A3C: What's next from Anonymous?

Anonymous: “Focused on shooting a lot of videos leading up to the release of my debut album “Timeless.” I’m currently looking to form a band. I want a new live sound going forward.”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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