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Take 5 w/ Masspike Miles

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 25

The transition and melding of Hip-Hop and R&B has paved the way for singers to crossover, garnering a deeper, loyal, and more wide-spread fan base. Masspike Miles is a singer who is not only capitalizing off both genres relation, but in some ways, has helped pioneer it. The Boston vocalist has creatively engineered a style to showcase his tone quality and falsetto to make lasting love ballads, as well as harder, more rugged street anthems. Releases like “The Road Less Traveled” EP, “Say Hello To Forever” and the highly coveted “Skky Miles” series have artistically cemented Miles' aptitude for creating acoustically complete bodies of work and solidified his stay in the Hip-Hop/R&B realm. As he gets ready to bring soul to A3C, we caught up with Masspike Miles on our Take 5 segment to discuss “Blocks & Bedrooms,” smoking papers, and how he plans to represent his brand in Atlanta.

A3C: Favorite project from the "Skky Miles" series and why?

MM:Skky Miles” 1 happens to be my favorite out of the “Skky Miles” Brand. The emotion that was into that project was second to none. It launched the idea for the series.

A3C: You're style of R&B in 5 words or less.

MM: “Honest and loving street crooner.”

A3C: Mission at A3C is "____."

MM: “To represent my brand to the highest standard.”

A3C: Blunts or papers?

MM: “Papers all day! Shout out to RAW!”

A3C: Favorite record from "Blocks & Bedrooms?"

MM:Finish Last.” It’s the story of my life!”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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