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Take 5 w/ iLoveMakonnen

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 12

Rapper. singer, producer, and courier of an intriguingly cryptic mannequin head-iLoveMakonnen is another impactful presence from the A. Atlanta continues to be a hot bed for talent and innovators and iLoveMakonnen is the most recent artist to ride the creative and forging wave of that new sound. The release of his “iLoveMakonnen” EP demonstrated his mysterious and arcane nature, covering the full-range of emotional synths, captivating a broader audience and leaving people interested in more. So much so, that Drake decided to jump on a remix of Makonnen’s “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday,” which can only mean one thing, Mak is next to blow. A3C caught up with the festival rookie on our Take 5 segment to discuss writing, art, and the significance of the coveted wild-haired doll head.

A3C: Favorite track from the "I Love Makonnen" EP?

Makonnen: “Tonight.”

A3C: Most important to you, music or art?

Makonnen: “Both.”

A3C: Significance of the mannequin head?

Makonnen: “Just another face in the world.”

A3C: Fill in the blank: "I'm going to "...." at A3C."

Makonnen: “I’m gonna be in a chill zone at A3C.”

A3C: Last time you wrote?

Makonnen: “July.”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

Topics: News, a3c 2014, Drake, Atlanta, iLoveMakonnen, take 5

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