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Rane Presents: Scratch Live Tips and Tricks

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 29
Rane Presents…“Scratch Live, the TTM 57SL and the Video SL - Tips and Tricks, Beginner to Advanced”
Session 1, Fri Oct 9th at 7pm on Redbull Stage
Let us show you the full potential of the TTM 57SL mixer and Scratch Live including the Video SL plug-in. Come discover why Rane & Serato Scratch Live have become the industry standard and taken the art of DJ-ing to new heights.

Rane Presents…“Scratch Live, The Bridge and the Sixty Eight - Tips and Tricks, Advanced”
Session 2, Sat Oct 10th at 3pm on Unique Squared Pro Audio Stage
Unlock and understand the full potential of Rane’s new Sixty Eight club performance mixer. This mixer revolutionizes what can be done on a single mixer, allowing one or two DJ’s to perform together, or a single DJ to control four input sources (turntables or CD controllers) while layering up to three effects processors, and mixing Video. The Rane Sixty Eight has more mixing potential than you ever imagined, come discover it.

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

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