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Raekwon covers Rakim - I Ain't No Joke

Posted by LuisReyes on Apr 22

Raekwon The Chef

The Chef Raekwon pays tribute to the god mc, Rakim. Not only was Rakim a smash at last year's A3C Festival, but the song in question, as evidenced by several covers and references throughout the last 15 years, is one of the more pivotal songs in his catalog.

Here, Raekwon negotiates his snow/blow/flow while at the same time giving respect to one of the modern architects of the spit game.

Raekwon - I Ain't No Joke (Snippet)

Props to Take This Serious


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: News, I Ain't No Joke, rakim, Raekwon, delete me

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