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New Video: Bocafloja- "Segundos"

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Sep 24


"Patologias del Invisible Incomodo" is a concept album, where the interconnection & interdependence of each track signifies and globalizes a musical and discursive experience. It is not a collection of singles. We share with you "Segundos," the fourth of sixteen videos by Bocafloja.

"Segundos" is a tribute to the dignifying of the oppressed body, it is a redefinition of celebration as an affirmative act. It is a historical representation of a constant position of disadvantage, the legalized allocation of second placed priorities in terms of social, political, cultural and even biological experiences within the majority of state structures.

Filmed in Cuba, "Segundos" plays with a visual metaphor, in which we intend to transmit the decolonial beauty of second beings par excellence. "Segundos" was directed by Michael Fernandez with the help of Cuban Hip Hop artists Clan Completo. Musical production of "Segundos" was provided by Jim B, and features DJ Ethos on the cuts.

Bocafloja is going to be performing on our Planet Hip Hop International showcase. Don't miss it.

The Blog Team

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