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Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest Live at SXSW

Posted by Andy Pitre on Mar 27

This was the highlight of my SXSW experience, and not just because it was our own showcase. Mobb Deep was incredible live and they crushed it. Additionally, seeing a legendary group like Mobb Deep perform along side someone like Brother Ali, who rocked with a live band, and one of the freshest MCs in the game right now, Homeboy Sandman was an amazing experience.

Ultimately, that's what the A3C is all about: good Hip Hop music. It doesn't matter what genre of Hip Hop you fall into, or what state you represent, or what era you come from; if you make good music, then we're going to put you on.

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: News, Homeboy Sandman, sxsw, Mobb Deep

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