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Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun Set for June 1 Release

Posted by Andy Pitre on Apr 12


Earlier this week, 2DopeBoyz posted the album artwork and track list (see below) for Homeboy Sandman's upcoming LP The Good Sun, which is due to be released June 1 on High Water Music.

I first saw Sandman perform at Sputnik bar in Brooklyn. Since it was 2008 and it wasn't a hipster electro show, attendance was pretty low. One thing I've learned from going to a lot of hip hop shows over the years is that you can always recognize the most dedicated artists based on how well they can rock a crowd of ten. True performers put in their all regardless of how many people show up.

In any event, Homeboy Sandman pulled out his Verbal Soulclap and I remember thinking, if hip hop were still popular, this guy would have the potential to be big. Fast forward to over a year later, I was at a friend's party and someone, who was not a big fan of hip hop pulled me aside and said I had to see this video online. To my surprise, the video was Lightning Bolt by non-other than the Homeboy.

I was happy to have Homeboy Sandman at the A3C in 2009 and I'm hoping to see him again in 2010.

The Good Sun Tacklist

01 Core Rhythm (prod. Core Rhythm)
02 The Carpenter (prod. 2 Hungry Bros)
03 Not Pop (prod. Core Rhythm)
04 Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though (prod. Ski Beatz)
05 Table Cloth f. Fresh Daily (prod. M Slago)
06 Low Co. (prod. Pyscho Les)
07 Mean Mug (prod. Ben Grymm)
08 The Essence (prod. 2 Hungry Bros)
09 Strange Planet (prod. KO Beatz)
10 Being Haved (prod. DJ Spinna)
11 The Things They Carried f. John Robinson & Daniel Joseph (prod. Core Rhythm)
12 Calm Tornado (prod. Thieven’ Steven)
13 Listen (prod. Kentron The Mastadon)
14 Angels With Dirty Faces (prod. J57)

PS: Grover Washington wants his pool back


Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: News, Homeboy Sandman, High Water Music, Grover Washington, The Good Sun

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