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Goldyard (A3C Spotlight)

Posted by Quinelle on Jul 24


"In a time when music is looking for the next new wave of style and creativity, GOLDYARD has found that imitation is not always the highest form of flattery. With edgy subject matter and a mesh of hip hop and everything else, "GOLDYARD" has blazed a hot new trail in popular music. (A.T) from Salisbury, NC (In-Doe) Long Island, NY (Flick James) Los Angeles, CA formed the Group "GOLDYARD" in Atlanta, GA after a higher power brought them together. GOLDYARD's eclectic musical range and off kilter, seemingly unstructured hip hop style has created a new lane all it's own. With a mesh of hip hop and everything else in one, "GOLDYARD" has paved the way for innovators and creators of the future." - Reverb Nation. Check them out at A3C Music Festival 2013 this fall and their latest visual "French" below.


Written by Quinelle

Topics: News, A3C (Artist Spotlight), artist spotlight, Goldyard

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