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Free Tickets - Sage Francis 6.19 at The Loft

Posted by Brian Knott on May 7


It was recently pointed out to us by some friends up in the greater NE that A3C has never had an artist that calls Rhode Island home rock our event. Well, Sage if you read this you are welcome to come join us in October and any one else who reps the RI please feel free to hit us up, we would love to claim all 50 states someday.

In case we don't rectify the lack of RI representation at A3C this year you should put 06.19 on your calendar and get out to the Loft for the Sage Francis show. Nobody out there does what Sage does and having had a chance to check some of the set at SXSW you will get more than you expected for sure.

If you want to try and score some free tickets please leave a comment below with your favorite poet (Def, Slam, or English Lit 101 for all we care) and we'll pick two winners for the two pairs we've got. Leave you Gov't name so we can identify who get's to pick them up at the door.

Brian Knott

Written by Brian Knott

Topics: News, Giveaways, sage francis, strange famous, the loft, Atlanta

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