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Donnis- Fashionably Late

Posted by RebekahBaldwin on Jun 22

Donnis dropped his second mixtape in 1 month today with Fashionably Late, which will soon be followed by his EP of the same name. I saw Donnis perform at the Five Spot at A3C last year and knew he had big things coming up. Congrats!

There are a few repeats from The Invitation, but mostly this mixtape has original tracks. The overall vibe is a little more serious with lyrics discussing with the darker side of fame.

Some highlights are Outta Here (ft. Tony Williams), Vampire/Eat You Alive, Folktales, and For The Kill, which has a sample from La Roux which is awesome. Tonight and Yup are bangers and seem to be being pushed as "singles".

Check it out:

Download Fashionably Late here.


Written by RebekahBaldwin

Topics: The Invitation, News, Fashionably Late, Donnis

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