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Dee-1 - A3C Exclusive Interview

Posted by Sermon on Sep 19


Dee-1 has had tremendous opportunity in the past year. He had the chance to open on Macklemore's fall tour in 2012 for the entire duration and has consistency put out project after project. As he prepares for A3C, he's getting ready to release Psalms Of David Vol. 2. Check out our exclusive interview with him discussing how A3C helps up and coming artists, his show, advice for building a fanbase and more.

How does an independent festival like A3C help up-and-coming artists like yourself?

Networking and respect. It's a great opportunity to network with your peers and with different media. Everyone doesn't have to like your music at first, but as long as you're visible and they respect your grind and hustle, that can go a long way.

What can we expect from your stage show? What’s your favorite part of being onstage?

I haven't even thought about my stage show yet homie. Been too busy. It will be dope though. My favorite part of being onstage is definitely the freedom of expression I feel. There are no restrictions as to what I can do or say when on stage.

Who are you looking forward to seeing most this year?

I don't know, I haven't seen the rest of the lineup. I know my man Truth Universal from New Orleans is performing. I want to see him. He taught me a lot when I was coming up, about stage presence and professionalism. I also got to open for him at my 1st ever big show in N.O.

What’s your key advice for growing a consistent fanbase?

To grow a fanbase you have to feed them great music and give them something to believe in and talk about. Treat your fanbase like you would a relationship. Put time into it, give it attention, be respectful, and be consistent, but always think of ways to keep it fun so it never gets boring.

What are you currently working on and/or hope to accomplish by the end of the year?

I'm dropping my new project Psalms of David Vol 2 on Oct 15th. Get ready.


Written by Sermon

Topics: News, Dee-1

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