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Adult Swim: ATL RMX

Posted by Andy Pitre on Dec 13


Adult Swim does a great job using music to market themselves**. They've recently teamed up with Rockstar Games and put together a free mixtape featuring tracks from ATL artists remix by left-of-center producers.

On the ATL artist side, the project features tracks from Jeezy, Rich Kids, Goodie Mob, Lil Jon, Gucci Mane, Gorilla Zoe, Shawty Lo and A3C vet B.o.B.. Producers include El-P, DJA, Dabrye, Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73 and Drums of Death.

The whole mix is worth some repeat play. As far as I'm concerned the standout tracks are "Imma G" by Dem Getaway Boyz, remixed by Memory Tapes, "I Got This" by Jeezy, remixed by El-P, "Is That You God?" by Goodie Mob, remixed by Dabrye and "Hello Mixx" by Cee Lo, remixed by XXXChange.

If you've downloaded it, let us know what you think. If you haven't, check out the link below.


**Ted Turner if you're reading this, you should hit us up about A3C 2010.

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

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