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A3C Perfect Attendance Artist Spotlight: Emilio Rojas

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 4

Your probably familiar with Emilio Rojas from his popular mixtape "The Natural" hosted by DJ Green Lantern. Or you just know he's that dope! I was put on to Emilio a little over a year ago & he has always impressed me. Not only does he have to co-sign from one of hip-hop's most known DJ's, but he is just straight lyrical. He has been featured on some of todays top hip-hop blogs as well as XXL. Since I have never seen Emilio perform live, I am looking forward to seeing him rock the Perfect Attendance Stage on Saturday October 9th, The eastcoast night. But before then, I ask him 6 quick questions on his upcoming performance, new projects, & more! Hit the jump..

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The Blog Team

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