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A3C Interview: J Hatch of iStandard

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 1

J Hatch and iStandard have production placement and development down to a science. A3C caught up with J Hatch, one half of iStandard Producers, (Don Di Napoli is the other) a production placement and producer development company that’s helped not only place up and coming producers with popular mainstream artists, but also help guide and craft the sound and technique of some of music’s rising beat makers. Hatch and company have partnered with A3C to co-present the festivals coveted Pro Audio Experience, furthering his brand’s profound impact on Hip-Hop’s sonics in today’s market. From a full A&R team, showcases, partnerships, consulting, and more, J-Hatch is setting the standard for sound.

A3C: For anyone who is unfamiliar, break down iStandard Producers

Hatch: "iStandard Producers is a platform for up and coming beat makers to showcase their talents for various executives, Grammy/multi platinum producers, songwriters and various tastemakers in hopes to further their career in the world of music production. We have been doing our World Famous iStandard Producer Showcase for over 9 years in 30+ Markets, over 70 events a year and have now partnered up with the A3C to co-present the Pro Audio Experience. We also own and operate iStandardProducers.com (a multi-faceted production hub for producers to submit for various industry placement opportunities, a full functioning magazine and music production content related blog, and more) as well as our new publishing company, Digital Osmosis. We also have an incredible program called Beat Camp for aspiring music industry hopefuls to be in mentoring sessions with some of their favorite producers and industry figures gaining knowledge on how to make it through the music industry."

A3C: Now you're a co-founder, who else is involved?

Hatch: "My business partner Don Di Napoli was the one who brought the iStandard idea to fruition, we also have an incredible team behind the scenes. Everyone plays an integral part from our producer recruiters, to our A&R team and all the way up to our executive staff. iStandard wouldn’t be what it is today with our team of 10 plus cranking out their responsibilities while we travel the country looking for tomorrows next super producer."

A3C: What are some of the biggest records you've placed and biggest artists you've worked with?

Hatch: "Most of the records we have helped place were through our showcases with artists such as Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Diddy etc. Also, We have also birthed some of today's most sought after producers through our events like S1, (Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Eminem) Cardiak, (Eminem, 50 Cent, Rick Ross) Frequency,(Snoop Dog, Eminem, Rihanna) and many more. We recently placed our first record under our new publishing company with 50 Cent & Jadakiss called 'Irregular Heartbeat' on "Animal Ambition."

A3C: What's your process like in the studio?

Hatch: "In the studio we focus on making records for the various artists we have relationships with. We also do several listening sessions with major labels monthly. That's how we placed the 50 Cent record. But generally we try to couple producers and writers together and just make great records."

A3C: What does A3C mean for up and coming artists and producers?

Hatch: "Its one big melting pot of networking, building relationships, gaining knowledge and experience on your craft and an overall awareness of what type of work ethic it takes to be successful in the music industry from the perspective of the aforementioned."

A3C: How many years have you done A3C?

Hatch: "This is actually our 7th year but our first co-presenting the entire Pro Audio Experience. We always wanted to contribute more and we finally had the conversation to make that happen."

A3C: You're involved with Flat Fitty right? How did that come about?

Hatch: "Flat Fitty sponsored a few of our nationwide showcases by giving product and being a supportive affiliate in our brand, our close friend does marketing for them and reached out to discuss opportunities. They also sponsored our stage last year for Pro Audio Experience and we are in talks to do more this year."

A3C: Any other ventures outside of iStandard that you're involved in?

Hatch: "I personally do some consulting and project management, as well as an event for artists called "Direct 2 Exec." My business partner Don Di Napoli also consults a brand styling company."

A3C: What can we expect next from you and iStandard?

Hatch: "You can expect a consistent effort to unmask the dopest producers across the world and a niche' boutique-like publishing company that represents some of the most innovative music creators of the future. We also have a new website and mobile app in the works as well as our hopeful breakthrough into the European market in 2015 and an overall expansion of the istandard staff and movement as a whole."


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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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