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A2Bay Concert Series: Live At The Basement (Event)

Posted by Obese on Mar 28


In the south, Georgia and Florida connect in more ways than just territory. You have intense sports rivalry's, warm weather, great Hip-Hop and now we have a concert series known as A2Bay. It brings the Atlanta and greater Tampa Bay area together, for a showcase of talents from some of the respective city's finest unsigned emcees. This Saturday they will be bringing their skills to one of The A's top spots for Hip-Hop, The Basement. BIG REC, Joe Stu, Red Coat, Small Eyez and Shred TVT make up Atlanta's collective. As Infinite Skillz, Hagan Lee, Headnokka Fam and Waystid Talent are all repping for Tampa. The son of ODB, Young Dirty Bastard will also make a special appearance. This is surely one not to be missed. You can find out more info at Real Hip-Hop Is Back and get your advance tickets right here.


Written by Obese

Topics: Headnokka Fam, News, Shred TVT, big rec, Small Eyez, Red Coat, Joe Stu, Infinite Skillz, Hagan Lee

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