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Posted by The Blog Team on Dec 23



F4m Logo
F4mily Matters, a family business building an empire. We are nothing less than a brand but more than just a clothing line. We are a brand that depicts the meaning of F4mily & what it takes to feed them. F4mily is not only a group of loved ones, but a way of life. It consists of relatives, close ones, & brotherhoods. F4mily is the # 1 motivation for the hustle. With that said, loyalty is the stepping stool that sets us on the top shelf. With constant reminders to self, no matter where you go or how you eat, F4mily Matters.

You can find their gear on their website www.F4milyMatters.com
Visit the Flagship Store at 5208 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte NC
They were picked up by Karmaloop, another 2014 A3C Partner, recently and are enjoying what that is bringing them.

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