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The Return of G-Side

Posted by Jeff Hipsher on Jun 8



In 2011, St 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova gave us iSlands, then G-Side drove off into the Huntsville sun set. Talking to SPIN in 2012, St 2 Lettaz lamented their creative direction, saying "We needed a fresh start or a fresh look; it had gotten stale." Swearing the split was drama-free, 2 Lettaz says he had dreams of the group reuniting "'Dang we got back together,' and then I'd wake up and, like, no, we ain't back together." Well, he doesn't have to fear waking up anymore. After three years and a few solo projects, the Alabama duo is back as May saw the release of G-Side's sixth studio album, Gz to Godz. Across 14 tracks, G-Side's deft lyricism drifts smoothly over the almost ethereal beats supplied by longtime production crew The Block Beattaz. If you've spent the last few weeks looking for your perfect summer jams, you just found it. Pay extra attention to the singles "2004" and "Statue". If a new album isn't enough, G-Side has also released a dreamy fifty-five minute experimental music video, appropriating everything from Angela Davis to Brazzerz. This album makes clear G-Side's intent, as expressed by Clova to AL.com "I hope – and this is God's honest truth - this record puts everybody in the position to be bosses."

Jeff Hipsher

Written by Jeff Hipsher

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