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2012 Little Five Fest [Atlanta, GA] Announces the Initial Line-Up

Mike Walbert
Posted by Mike Walbert on Jul 10

SUPPORT LOCAL MUSICIANS! Little Five Fest is adding hip-hop artists this year to incorporate more local talent. They have traditionally been an indie rock festival.

On Saturday, September 29, the Little Five Fest is returning to the neighborhood to follow through on its promise of remaining an annual summer music event. Formerly known as the Other Sound, this second coming of the rebranded Little Five Fest sees the activity spreading out to cover pretty much all of L5P, with shows happening at Aurora Coffee, Clothing Warehouse, Criminal Records, Elmyr, the Five Spot, Java Lords, Star Bar, Tijuana Garage, and Wrecking Bar Brewpub. ... and 7 Stages, sort of — they’ve booked a festival-day matinee production of “Dracula: The Rock Opera,” just for the fest, and will be offering exclusive admission to Little Five Fest pass-holders.

Diversity in the face of local music is a key component that’s driving this year's lineup. Acts confirmed to play so far include: Noot d’ Noot, Distal, Gringo Star, the N.E.C., Ocha La Rocha, Hawks, Helix, Broodlings, Mite, Shortstack, Moodrings, Blunt Fang, Dog Bite, Peter Alan DeLorenzo, Skin Jobs, Social Studies, Lightin’ Ray Jackson and the Mystics, Abby Go Go, Jack Preston, Untied States, Curtis Williams, Tom P, Chance, Jackie Chain, Starfighter, Fiend Without a Face (Brent Hinds of Mastodon), Speakerfoxxx, the Coathangers, Aleon Craft, the Forty-Fives, Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause (who haven't played a show since last year's Little Five Fest), and more bands, rappers, and DJs to be announced soon.

"We do the Little Five Fest because we feel there is such a diverse pool of amazing music in Atlanta and there really aren't any music festivals that rep all the sounds our city has to offer," says the festival's co-founder Bryan Bankovitch. When all is said and done, the goal is to put together a lineup that features as many different styles of ground-level music the city has to offer, from rock and hip-hop to country, dub step, et al.

Pretty Ambitious Records will be hosting a label showcase at Clothing Warehouse, Whynattee will host a showcase at Tijuana Garage, Newmerica and 4th Ward Heroes will have showcases at Star Bar, and Embassy Records and SMKA will be hosting showcases at the Five Spot.

Ticket prices haven’t been announced yet, but a tiered pricing system via Ticket Alternative that covers single-show tickets as well as all-day pass is in the works and will be announced at www.littlefivefestatlanta.com soon.

Mike Walbert

Written by Mike Walbert

Mike Walbert is the Executive Director of the A3C Festival & Conference. As as partner in the business Mike oversees various aspects of the business, including: Business Development, Sponsorship, Branding and Marketing. Mike officially joined A3C in 2009 as the Artist Director. Since 2010 Mike has managed the strategy and team that have grown A3C from a regional showcase to an internationally recognized institution in hip-hop culture.

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