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2010 A3C Artist Spotlight: Artifacts

Posted by LuisReyes on Oct 4

As former graf artists, MCs Tame One and El Da Sensei gained fans among writers worldwide with their ode to spray-can art on "Wrong Side of the Tracks". Post new-school artists with an old school bent, the Artifacts smartly meshed their own frenetic rhyme pacing with heavy, blunted beats (courtesy T-Ray, Buckwild, and others). --Oliver Wang

Go anywhere in this country, or abroad and ask a Hip hop head about the Artifacts, and prepare to hear someone get on their soapbox about how today's environment just doesn't provide what the Artifacts brought to the table. Their initial freestyle session as then-unsigned emcees on The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (WKCR, NYC) landed them an overnight record deal and their subsequent debut album Between a Rock and a Hard Place. And although the group disbanded after their second album That's Them, they are now officially back together and ALL three - Tame, El ,and DJ KAOS will be on stage delivering, demolishing, performing their classic material at 2010 A3C Festival.


Get those tickets!


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: News, DJ KAOS, Tame One, El Da Sensei, A3C Update, the Artifacts

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