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Here Come's "TROUBLE" : Trouble grace's the Perfect Attendance stage as strong newcomer

Posted by Prima Sanders on Oct 8

A3C attendees, you need to be present for this spectacular exhibition of street wit , mixed with seductive lyrics, heart pounding beats, and an magnetic appeal that will surely pull you in. TROUBLE of DTE (Duct Tape Entertainment ) known for his catchy street banger, "Bussin" to his smooth yet hard hitting track "U Don't Deserve Dat" and the "U Don't Deserve Dat Remix" featuring fellow ATL-iens, Gucci Mane, Rocko, and Travis Porter, will be performing for A3C fans for the first time ever on the Perfect Attendance stage on Saturday, October 13th. Can't wait till Saturday for your dose of Trouble, check out the links below to check out some of his recently released music to tide you over. And remember what's life without TROUBLE?

-- RACKS ALL OVER feat Stuey Rock


-- Trouble feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko, Travis Porter - "U Don't Deserve Dat" [REMIX]

For more information on Trouble:

Twitter: Official Trouble

Prima Sanders

Written by Prima Sanders

Topics: News, Headline News, Perfect Attendance, A3C Update

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