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Take 5 w/ Rickie Jacobs

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 22

Rickie Jacobs epitomizes the grind and hailing from Baltimore, resiliency is key. Jacobs’ divergent rhymes and style have crafted bodies of work such as “The Prequel EP, “Beautiful America,” and the highly acclaimed “Remember To Smile.” As Rickie Jacobs prepares to bring B More to Atlanta in October, we caught up with him on our Take 5 segment to discuss his hometown, “Remember To Smile,” and what he plans to accomplish at A3C.

A3C: Best track from "Remember To Smile?"

RJ:European Rugs.”

A3C: Rickie Jacobs + A3C = “____.”

RJ: "Chaotic beauty and dope raps"

A3C: Describe the grind in Baltimore in 5 words or less.

RJ: “Aggressive, untamed, incomparable, extremely hungry, fed the fuck up.”

A3C: Favorite project of your career so far?

RJ: “Aw, man. "Remember To Smile", hands down!”

A3C: Your record "Mary" is “____.”

RJ: “Ignorant, even better in the whip, much better with Mary." (Laughs)

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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