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#A3CStyle Partner: Meet KITO FLEX

Posted by Nathan on Sep 29



Meet Kito Flex...

Growing up in Houston, TX, 26 year-old Kito Flex always had big dreams of being successful and always had a love for fashion, especially unique accessories that assisted in making his outfits stand out from the crowd. Kito had the creatively artistic idea to create a men’s accessory line that would reflect his unique style while staying true to his Houston roots and thus in early 2013, the Kito Flex Collection was inevitably born. The line currently includes four sock designs, one of the flagship are the “Baby Bottles”, the other shrouded in “Lean Cups” evidently inspired by the music of DJ Screw, UGK and other Houston legends with the intentions of bringing an ever-so budding awareness of Houston culture to the forefront and cultivating a line filled with inspirational art and creativity.

The line has been worn by Houston’s very own, Maxo (“Clientele ft. Lamb & Ski Mask), DOUGHBEEZY (“Pass the Swisher”), DELOREAN (“Whip” ft. Big K.R.I.T.), and Bricksquad’s TWAYNE (“Turn Down For What”). The Kito Flex Collection is currently available at Exclusive Taste , Active Athlete and City Gear (Nationwide).



Its a brand that represents, and is influenced by, a Houston culturea society that the whole world is slowly trending on. Ive took ordinary accessories and just added my creative twist to it and hope everyone else enjoys the art. I believe, no matter race or gender, my brand has something to offer to all individuals."

- Kito Flex






Written by Nathan

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