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Contgratulations to the #A3Cu Contest Winners!!

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 2

The A3C Festival is excited to announce the launch of #A3Cu, our way to engage the college community and create an opportunity for students to better experience and participate in the A3C Festival.

To kick things off, we launched the #A3Cu contest where student MC's set up an online profile and over the past month, promoted their #A3Cu profile encouraging there classmates to vote for them. The 5 MC's with the most votes, win's a chance to perform on the Official #A3Cu stage at the 10th Annual A3C Festival, where a panel of judges will select the best performance of the night and dub them "Georgia's Best College MC"!

With the A3C festival less than a week away, we are excited to announce the #A3Cu contest winners who will be performing live on Saturday, October 11 at The Department Store (476 Edgewood Avenue) at 5pm! Make sure your at the show to see who the judges declare "Georgia's Best College MC"!

The winners are....

All Black Congress (Georgia State)
Prohaize (Georgia State)
CKENT (Morehouse College)
Plewto Smith (Morehouse College)
Amon (Morehouse College)
Honorable Mention: Rey Stackz (Georgia Southern)



The Blog Team

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