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A3C Style Interview: Coco & Breezy

Posted by Nathan on Sep 4




You've seen them via your Tumblr/Instagram feeds and maybe even at your favorite festival, meet Coco & Breezy; twin designers behind some the hottest sunglasses in the industry worn by the likes of A$AP Ferg to Theophilus London to Rihanna. Coco & Breezy will be part of this year's UNHEMMED panel series, but before coming out and sharing their experiences we had to ask the fashionable duo a few random hip-hop/fashion questions & festival attendee advice....


When did you get your start in the fashion industry?

C&B: we officially started our company in 2009 and I would say that is when we officially entered the "fashion industry."

Why partner with A3C & A3C Style?

C&B: we love mixing music and fashion together! We thinking it's an epic fusion!

Your favorite rapper?

C: Drake

B: Bone Thugs N Harmony

Your favorite producer?

C&B: Melo X

Favorite Hip-Hop song?

C&B- We honestly have Partynextdoor on repeat right now .

What is the importance of Hip-Hop to you and the Coco & Breezy brand?

C- With us not only being eyewear designers but creatives, we listen to music when we are in our creative sessions.

B- Hip-hop is only 1 of the many genres that we are into. It's funny because when we are vibing and creating, our playlist has wild mood swings. We'll go from classical, to slow jams to hip hop to trippy sounds.

What would your dream showcase look like, what artists would perform?

C: J holiday, Lapalux, Tokimonsta, drake ,yung berg...

B: Mozart, Pretty Ricky, Partynextdoor, Jesse Boykins

Hip-Hop artist you would like to do a collaboration with?

B: Kanye ... (Does he count as hip hop?) ... Lol! I think with our aesthetics we could create some really beautiful visuals.

You’ve attended multiple festivals across the country, leave us with one thing of advice for any new festival goer….

C&B: Dress comfortable and be ready to dance hahaha


Written by Nathan

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